Let me show your more of Honduras.

The land whose treasured beauty is not only overlooked by the foreign eye but also kept in the memories of those who have seen it. It's a place surrounded by its colored flora and fauna, unforgettable landscapes, breathtaking coral reefs, and crystalline waters, where only spring and summer visits.

It's a package of inspiration for the adventurous souls.

Reduced to one of the "most dangerous" countries of the world by statistics that don't express the whole picture, it's a misconceived paradise, governed by corrupted minds but loved by the humble-hearted.

It's a wonderland whose ancestry can be seen through the eyes of the locals, who eagerly wait to show what their land is made of through their vivacious music, charming crafts, nature, and fascinating traditions.

This land of five-stars saw me grow and I am proud to call it home.-