February 2020 – Who are we as individuals and as a society, and who do we want to be?

On times where culture and identity has become more important than ever before, we have to engange better in open, uncomfortable conversations. But mostly, we have to listen better. Culture defines a society – what happens when contrasting societies try to co-exist? Right or left-wing extremism? Xenophobia? Or straightly said, racism? Not necessarily, but why are these nevertheless there?

Identity is complex, it is emotional and it can be very divisive. As foreigners settling our lives in Germany, these have been topics that have influenced every single decision when it comes to integrating into the "German" culture. But what is German culture? Do Germans even know? What is our culture? Do we even know?

Confusion, identity crisis – is that what we have in common with each other?

This is a website, a media project, a blog trying to answer these questions through stories from real people – brought to you straight forward without, no sugar coating.

What is it really like to live in Germany? Find out here soon.




Andrea from Honduras.

Living, working, cooking, studying, contemplating, and integrating herself in Germany since 2016. Media specialist based in Frankfurt.


Mario from Honduras.

A retired lawyer but actually a photographer, escaping corruption and creating a life unaffected by geographical status. Adapting wurst and schnitzel to normal diet since 2017.