For those who don’t know me: hi, I’m Andrea San Martín, a proud Honduran creative living in Frankfurt, Germany with a passion for life abroad, travel, food & culture.


Where in the world am I? Currently in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Everything started with an incredible year abroad in Washington, D.C. and continued with a love story that has one way or another brought me where I am today.

I came to Frankfurt first as an au-pair for one year to learn the language and now I’m currently working at a creative agency. Living abroad has been a roller coaster of emotions, experiences, and challenges. I’ve been having the time of my life and have learned many life lessons, so I decided to make this blog as my first beloved creation to share my experiences and help others with theirs.

At the end, I am just someone trying to thrive abroad just like many thousands of others around the world.

I’m a marketer by title, traveler by instinct, a creative by soul, and a cook by heart. In the professional world, I’m all about brand, media, and communication strategy; and on my free time, I teach myself to be a writer. If you ask me which is my ideal environment, I would say, where bold ideas are motivated and being non-traditional is an attribute, because in these times anything else doesn’t make sense.

I’m one of the believers that life must be savored with passion and creativity. I refuse to follow the normal crowd and honestly rather do things my way. And so far, so good.



I’m always looking forward to meeting people, hearing stories, making new friends, and establishing great connections.

If you want to move abroad or are about to and are looking for bits of advice, if you’ve already been abroad or still are and want to share your insights and experiences, or for any other reason, please feel welcome to contact me! We can also connect on social media, you can find me on Facebook  and Instagram. 😉