What is home? Is it only the place where you were born and raised? Or where you currently live? Maybe where the love of your life is? Or where you had the most joyful moments of your life? It’s most definitely where you are happy, where you feel alive, and where you can follow your passion. Home may even be your future.

Perhaps it’s all of that. Home can constantly change, evolve or even finally appear. Home can be many things and many places. It’s meaning and essence may differ from person to person, but one thing remains true for everyone:

Home is where you become yourself.

And to me that is, at least a good part of it, in the kitchen.

You see, I love food. Eating is, without a doubt, one of the greatest pleasures of life.

Since I was a kid, I always looked forward very much to every Sunday. My grandmother cooked for us something different everytime, something with so much flavor, texture, and love. To me, it was food from heaven.

I’ve grown not only loving food, but also the magic behind it.

And then destiny brought me to Frankfurt am Main, the place where I finally found all of my passions at once. Frankfurt is a beautiful multicultural city filled with an incredible and still increasing international community. It’s a city that has connected me to other cultures, not only through people but also through food.

When I found the countless multicultural markets in the city, I found my wonderland.

Kleinmarkthalle Frankfurt – IMAGE SOURCE

Spices everywhere, Tahini, Garam Masala, Plantain… you name it, Frankfurt probably has it. I could have never imagined finding a Honduran store in Germany, but Frankfurt proved me wrong even on that!

I always liked cooking, but it was only when I arrived in Frankfurt that I transformed this random activity into my passion.

Ah, cooking…

Elli O.

What a form of art, a refined experience, and a graceful lifestyle!

Cooking is many wonderful things, but what I like the most is that it’s a form of travel. It can transport you anywhere around the world with just one bite. Food is, after all, one of the best cultural experiences. Can you just imagine being one bite away from India, France, Morrocco or Thailand? Amazing.

Sure, you can go to a restaurant and have a more “authentic” flavor (of course, sometimes you have to have a good point of reference). However, why not learn to create that authentic flavor at home? Trying and eating different dishes is not enough for me, I have to know what’s the magic behind each dish, which ingredients are necessary for the perfect flavour, and what’s the story behind each recipe.

I believe each dish has a background, a story to tell, and a special meaning. To every dish, there is a culture who created it, and I want to learn more about that.

Andy Chilton

I decided to create a section in my blog to share with you a piece of my home and help you learn more about the world through food! 🙂 Why always eat the same old food when you can be adventurous and explore other cultures in your own kitchen?

The kitchen is a space to explore and get creative. Open yourself to an explosion of new flavors, experience food like never before: made by your own hands. Trying something different has never been so delicious!

So welcome to the Kitchen Abroad section, the place where you can take your kitchen anywhere around the world!

Next post alert: I’ll take you a bite away from my first home, Honduras. Don’t miss this amazingly delicious recipe!

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