Ah, languages.

It’s incredible how great the variety of languages around the world is and how they have developed through time. Thanks to globalization and expansion of markets we have come together between cultures using languages as bridges. Nowadays, we face a growing need around the globe to manage the adopted global language, English, making it for all of us non-native English speakers, a minimal requisite to be bilingual.

However, with worldwide integration being more developed than ever before, English is not anymore a plus, just a must.

I’ve always wanted to learn a third language. With my growing interest in knowing more about how the rest of the world is, I found language as one of the best ways to understand a culture and their way of thinking. And of course, being bilingual gives you already advantages, can you imagine how much more it could give you if you know more than two languages?

I automatically aimed at learning French, similar to Spanish but fancier and prettier. Nevertheless, I found German pretty interesting too. You know, sounding angry all the time although you are not and being able to speak a tongue-twister language must feel cool. But life ended up choosing the most challenging one for me, of course…

… and after one year of learning the language and finally reaching a fluent level, I think of myself a year and a half ago and think “ah, what you are getting into, Andrea…”

So to anyone who wants or is starting to hop on this ride: ever been in a love-hate relationship? You will.

You know how every kind of relationship goes through many stages? Well, here are ten passive-aggressive stages everyone goes through when learning German:

1. Hmm, three genders. Der, die, das. Ok. I can handle that.

How was it? Der Tür, die Zimmer, das Tisch?

Probably, yeah… or not? Whatever, I’m sure. That’s easy! I think I’m good with languages. Hmm, I wonder which language I’ll learn next. Ha, I’m unstoppable.

2. Ugh, nevermind.

3. How in the world do they expect me to know WHEN it is Akkusativ or Dativ?! Do I have to GUESS or what?

If I hear ” Just ask yourself Wer oder was? Wen oder was? Wem oder was? ” again I swear I’ll explode. This doesn’t help.

4. What? Adjective endings? THERE IS EVEN MORE?!

Complicated adjective endings tables – IMAGE SOURCE

Am I really supposed to have this table ALL THE TIME IN MY HEAD? This crossed the line to ridiculous…

5. So Germans came with the hardest grammar rules ever … but Flugzeug, WörterbuchKrankenhauswirklich?


6. I’m just going to stop looking for the logic behind German.

It’s just useless. Don’t ask why, just memorize. Got it.

7. Ahh, I’m finally getting good at German. Give me what you’ve got left.

It can’t possibly get harder, right? Nah, I don’t think so.

8. HAHA……. This will never end, right? 🙂


9. You’ve got this. You can do this. Du schaffst das schon!

I just need to practice and practice and practice and practice forever.

10. I am now truly unstoppable.

Here I come, social events in German.

Ah, ich liebe the German language, I have learned to. I have learned to understand it and to have patience with it. Learning this language has definitely been a pain – and still is (the last GIF is not entirely a joke), but the feeling of success you get when you finally manage it is extremely satisfying.

Learning German has connected me to great people, opportunities, and experiences, and has been the main cause of my successful integration to the German culture. So believe me when I say: all the stress, gray hairs, and meltdowns are worth it, learning a new language is a incomparable adventure. 😉




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