For those mothers who are thousands of kilometers away or not on this planet anymore, this letter is for you:

Dear Mom,

Life has separated our roads and led us far away from each other. I guess we always knew this was eventually going to happen, but just not when and how. I guess you always feared the day we had to part different ways, that day in which I will no longer have your company or even need you to take care of me. I guess you always worried whether I’m okay and still do that today. But now that we have reached this point and are a long distance apart from each other, I want to tell you that I’m indeed doing okay. Although becoming living far away from you is hard, not having you around for a hug whenever I need it is a struggle, and not being able to frequently enjoy your presence sucks, I’m doing fine, thanks to everything that I’ve learned from you.

I learned to be strong from a person who always, despite her struggles, feelings, and tiredness, woke up every day and worked hard to give me a smile and make my day.

I learned to work hard from a person who gave all her dedication for so many years without any break to raise me into what I’ve become today.

I learned to follow my passion from a person who followed hers by making my siblings and me the happiest kids in the world.

I learned not to give up from a someone who, despite the troubles, the fights, the insults, and the stress I gave her, never gave up on me.

I learned to believe in myself from someone who, despite my failures and imperfections, always believed in me.

I learned to be confident and fierce from a woman who owns her imperfections, loves herself, and shines brightly with proudness every day without letting her insecurities take her down.

I learned not to always take life too seriously and have fun with whatever circumstances from someone who always finds new ways to make me laugh.

I learned to be open-minded and that everything is going to be okay, from a woman who has always managed to keep on going with a smile even when things don’t go as planned.

I learned to be a fighter from someone who fought hard for me.

I learned to overcome challenges from a person who took the hardest of them of all, being a mother.

I learned all this and more from you, Mother. So thank you, for that and much more.

I won’t lie to you, I might like becoming an adult, learning to be independent, and managing my life alone, nevertheless, it is also scary, intimidating, and harder than I thought. But don’t worry, I’ll do great. I have the best role model and motivation anyway.

It’s not easy being far away from you and days like this one makes me miss you more, mother. But also, days like these reminds me how incredibly rewarded I’ve been to have someone like you as my mother and superhero. I would never have it another way.

Happy Mother’s Day!

With love,

Your Daughter.



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