Whenever I meet new people, I eventually come across an inevitable question:

“Where do you come from?”

I happen to come from an “exotic” country which has lately suffered a bad name. So when I answer, their reactions are always interesting. I’ve heard an “oh nice, wow, I’ve never met anyone from there,” an “ahh cool, what brings you here from so far away?“, and an  “oh okay” with a blank stare on their face, “sorry that I have to ask, but where exactly is that?

“Oh please, don’t worry, you learn something every day.” I say while trying to not make it awkward.“It’s in Central America, we are literally the bellybutton of America.”

“It’s a beautiful country, it will steal your heart.”

However, a few minutes in a small talk conversation is just not enough, there is a lot more to say when it comes to this amazing country.

So let me tell you more about it, let me show you what my land is really about.

Honduras, the land of five-stars…

… reduced to one of the “most dangerous” countries of the world by statistics that don’t express the whole picture, it’s a misconceived paradise, governed by corrupted minds but loved by the humble-hearted. It may not represent a rich economy or a stable society, but it’s a country that speaks more through its countless mythic landscapes, diverse culture, grand gastronomy and warm people than anything else.

It’s a place with a magical world under the sea that begins a few steps from the beach

Honduras’ lengthy north coast and beautiful Caribbean islands have dreamy white-sand beaches and turquoise waters that are home of the gorgeous coral reefs that are part of the second largest barrier reef in the world. I had the pleasure earlier this year of finally visiting one of the Bay Islands, Roatán, where I swam with the fishes through the beautiful coral reef in such a crystalline ocean for the first time ever. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous the island is and how I didn’t get there earlier.

West End, Roatán
Just another magical sunset in Roatán.

Whoever comes to the Bay Islands, discovers love at first sight.

A place with the most scenic roads and towns

Honduras has the most extensive mountain range in Central America, offering grand views from the cities and towns and on the roads from north to south and east to west. Visiting charming towns, going for a hike, eating traditional food, and catching the sunset with a view while drinking a good Salva Vida remains as one of my all-time favorite weekend activities.

View from the Cathedral de la Inmaculada Concepción, Comayagua
Sights from Santa Lucía
A place with charming towns that take you back to colonial times

It’s a completely different world where influences from the Spanish architecture during the establishment of colonies have prevailed along the charming towns around Honduras. Comayagua, Ojojona, Santa Lucia, and Valle de Angeles are only a few examples of the beautiful colonial cities and where I have spent many memorable weekends and ate the best food ever.

Cathedral de la Inmaculada Concepción of Comayagua, which contains the oldest working clock in America.

Simple white houses with a brick-red roof and white churches remain the signature style of the colonial architecture, represented in the paintings of one of the most prestigious painters of Honduras.

A place whose history you can see through the eyes of their passionate locals

Locals, who despite their struggles, their problems, and the constant unfairness that they face, are always eager to show what their home is made of through their vivacious music, charming crafts, and fascinating traditions. Whatever you find and wherever you go, everything is full of color, meaning, history, and passion.

The best kind of travel experiences are those that integrate you into a new culture and its history, by exposing you to the most beautiful and colorful crafts whose production techniques have been passed from the locals’ ancestors and by making you part of the people’s most beloved traditions.

A place where food becomes your true love

Every country has its own delicious gastronomy, but it is not anyone that has a diverse cuisine linked to its cultural richness. Our indigenous ancestors had a corn-based diet from which they prepared several different types of dishes that were later enriched with the Spanish and African gastronomy. That’s why you can’t be surprised of finding the most delicious combination of flavors around our country and why everyone is in love with the food.

The most intense flavors in one dish: Traditional Honduran dish from Santa Lucía
Grilled corn with salt & lemon, found along the roads around the mountain villages near the city Tegucigalpa.
Honduras’ most beloved dish: “Baleada con todo”

You’ll find yourself having such a delightful explosion of flavors in your mouth, that not imagining fireworks in your head will be impossible.

At the end, it’s a wonderful place where every heart beat counts…

… and where its people are waiting for you with open arms.

Because we Hondurans are incredibly passionate about our country and look forward to showing you how amazing it is.

And we would only put you in danger of having one of most amazing experiences of your life in our land. So you are most welcome to come… but we warn you, you might fall in love.

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