If you’re reading this, it’s because the forces of the universe gathered to make you turn to your device, click on this specific website – from all the other desperate millions on the Internet, to discover the blog that will have a major impact in your life.
Or you’re just here because you probably have a short attention spam and are browsing for distraction.

I guess the first options is more convincing, right?
On a more serious note, if you are here at all – however you got here – I am honored. At least let me tell you why I’m here today.
– —
A few years ago my life took a big turn, I flew to foreign lands and came back 2.0. I’ve been there, done that, met amazing people, heard great stories, and learned many lessons. Life is a chain of experiences, creator of challenges, character builder, and awe generator in which everyone has a purpose.

I may not know yet completely what mine is, but my purpose through this blog is to share what I’ve learned through my experiences and others’ about living the life you want to live. I found mine beyond borders and outside my comfort zone and I want to help you guys do the same.
For those who don’t know me personally, my name is Andrea San Martin and I’m a proud Honduran. I’m also weird, clumsy and my friends say I am funny, although maybe not in the way I would like to.
I left Honduras three years ago with a combined feeling of excitement and fear. I had never traveled alone, not even inside my country nor had experience abroad. But suddenly there I was, on my first plane to the U.S. about to start my first experience abroad.
Would I have known back then that three years later I would be living in Germany, speaking my third language, having a bachelor’s degree and working as an Aupair? Well, life is really an open road with many directions and packed with surprises, and if we open ourselves to our world’s diversity we can truly be free to enjoy life in its glory. It’s 2017 and there still is a lot of racism, bigotry, sexism, and injustice, so we still have a long way to go.
Life in our planet, however, is much more diverse and bigger than what our little heads can see inside our bubbles. I try to constantly to get out of my bubble, look for stories through experiences abroad, cultures, international gastronomy, and people.
And I want to share that through this blog.

So what is this blog actually about?

I guess, a bit of everything. It was honestly hard to narrow everything that moves me to one single topic, so I summarized them into five:
[creative] Life. [concious] Travel. [diverse] Culture. [international] Cuisine. [inspiring] People.
In an unexpected manner plus a touch of risk, I’ve managed to find amazing stories, lesson, and inspiration through five things. Living abroad was and still is the best experience of my life, but also the most challenging one. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, there are many struggles along the way, but what one gets in return is worth every single one of them: becoming a more conscious and passionate world inhabitant.
Just imagine being ignorant in the foreign country you live in and, like a curious little kid discovering what’s all around. That results in ending up viewing the world with different eyes, understanding other cultures, broadening your perspectives, changing your mindset in order to be able to work together with others for a better world. It’s almost 2017 and there still is a lot of racism, sexism, bigotry, and stupidity (sorry not sorry) in this world, so we still got a lot to do to fill up this big room of improvement.
So Foreign Minded won’t be your everyday life abroad blog, with tips on budget travel, reviews on touristic places, party-and-festivals-life show-off or a diary of my life. It wants to share the perks and struggles of this often misconceived lifestyle, the insights from people from around the world and the creation of a home away from home.

But let’s be more organized, here I’ll explain you clearer my blog’s bad intentions:

  • inspire and motivate those, who have not yet lived abroad and have the privilege to pack their things, take some risks, accept some challenges, and decide for a change in their lives;
  • be a supportive and inspirational source for those who look to savor, even more, their life and experiences at home and abroad;
  • share out insights on the benefits, struggles, challenges, and opportunities of thriving abroad and leading a creative life;
  • stand out the importance of cultural appreciation;
  • and prove the fact that having an open mindset can only help us move forward to a progressive world.

Also, everyone needs distraction every now and then, so let me give you the right kind of one. 😉

But what is “foreign minded”?


To put it simple: it’s a concept born from open-mindedness and cultural awareness combined with an ambitious mindset.

No, you won’t find it in the dictionary. It’s, nevertheless, real and surely brings some fun.

It’s a characteristic that we, as citizens of the world, should develop. It brings us together and moves us forward, it can help us learn and grow to be great, it gives us balance in our lives and makes us more creative. It describes those who let themselves be fascinated by foreign cultures, those who are open to what’s new, those who look for challenges, those who want to thrive anywhere in the world, and more.

But who am I to define it at all? It can mean many things, you can even add more to the meaning since it’s something that we can all aspire to be. It’s something that millions of people already are and that many of us are still trying to learn to be.

It can be up to you. 🙂

So, finally…


Like what you read? It’s the beginning and will get much better. 🙂

And because you are cool and awesome, feel free to follow me on Facebook, subscribe, and share with your friends!

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