Foreign Minded is about the real life abroad—not the one of the traveling wanderers finding themselves on a party boat in Bali—but the one your immigrant friend is going through. It’s a blog trying to constantly see things beyond that mental border we all have and a help for those trying to embrace their lives abroad. It aims to represent multiculturalism, mindful traveling, and staying true to our roots, but most importantly it aims to honor people and their stories.

This is a blog wanting to cover what others aren’t much talking about and show how being foreign minded can help us go forward.

But now straight to the point, who are we?

We are two Honduran creatives living in Germany giving a voice to fellow immigrants.



Hi, I'm Andrea, a proud Honduran, a wondering individual, a confused creative, a frustrated cook, and a reasonable romantic. I moved to Frankfurt, Germany as a result of a cliché love story of a semester abroad and the desire to escape a life of settlement and have a chance for living the life I want.
I love storiescreating, hearing, and sharing them. I enjoy international cuisine and I'm a fan of fusions. I adore Frankfurt because it is a global city, not only a German one. I love my home country and my culturetherefore also flowers, colors, and any expression of Latin American folklore. I also describe myself as tortilla-eating talkative guacamaya, because that is just how it is.
As an immigrant, I know there is a story behind that big decision of leaving home. I believe people should tell and learn more about the reasons behind such decisions and how life currently is. In a world of divided opinions, we need content without framed interpretation of reality. That's why I created this blog, so bitte schön, be my guest!


Hola, my name is Mario and I'm a passionate Honduran and a retired lawyer following his creative soul. One day I got tired of living under the corrupted version of democracy and in my hopeless bubble and decided that it was time to write my own story and not let my geographical status determine my future: I moved to Berlin.
I’m into exhibitions, concerts, artsy events, and being part of them. I'm constantly trying to surround myself with creative and unusual human beings. I adore eating but I enjoy more cooking for others. I love photographing humans in their own natural habitat and prefer to call myself a visual artist developer of digital meaningful content (not trying to be pretentious).
I decided to write for this blog because I am passionate about people, culture, love, and equal opportunities.  I'll be sharing my experiences as a tropical coconut in the world of wurst and schnitzel. If you’re someone that is trying to follow the breeze beyond borders but don't have the courage to do it or if you are an immigrant like me trying to find his/her place in this German world, this blog is for you.