– asked my job interviewer, as he sat and opened our conversation. “Why a creative agency? Why work here? Why this career? Why this country?” is what he meant after a while. I didn’t, of course, expect such an opening, but I automatically realized that I need to ask myself first another question.

“Why this life?”

Suddenly, I knew the perfect answer: not the one I prepared for the interview.

Creativity plays a very important role in our daily lives. It’s nowadays not only an attribute highly demanded by companies in all industries but also needed by entrepreneurs to succeed in the competitive world of innovation.

However, the need for creativity goes beyond professional lives. Instead of only using this concept as an attribute, many integrate it into the core of their living purposes.

Leading a creative life is simply living with curiosity.

Integrating more creativity in your life is about constantly making yourself try something new and different. It is not necessarily an extra effort only artists, entrepreneurs, and other innovators do. Anyone looking to make their daily lives somewhow interesting and singular (according to what they believe is unique for them) are leading a creative life. Why not do something spendlid with our time and integrate our passion into it, if we can?

Sure, you may think, “then that pretty much includes every normal person who works in what they like.” Not entirely, there is a difference between being able to make a living out of your passion (a privilege that not everyone has) and taking an extra effort into somehow integrate your passions and interests into your life outside of work. It’s a constant search for the perfect state of mind through preferred activities.

Many live with on automatic-mode, I used to and won’t ever go back to that. I have grown tired of having a lame life where I’m living by intertia: same thing everyday, little-to-no-motivation, nothing exciting, and no highlights in my present to make from it a memorable time. After leaving home for the first time and seeing that I was able to go anywhere in the world by myself, I saw how much I want my life to be extraordinary, so I decided to do that my way.

Leading a creative life is a chance for self-care and self-reinvention.

What I needed, and what I know many do, look and wish for, is self-reinvention.

Creative living is healthy for the mind and soul, it improves our confidence, it shows us the many ways to cease our lives, it makes us appreciate our senses and proves that curiosity is a gift that brings us advantages. Creatives are willing to constantly push themselves out of their boring comfort zones in order to stimulate their perceptions, adopt new ones, enrich their imagination, and reach a better state of mind.

Being thirsty for ideas, discovery, and creation brings more fun and curiosity into your lives. That is what gives you a purpose in life.

How to integrate creativity into our daily lives?

By embracing solitude.

Embracing solitude is the key to be confident and comfortable with yourself enough to have fun in any situation, at any time, with or without anyone. Being a creative is simply investing carefully in yourself, your lifestyle, and your purpose.

Leaving home and your comfort zone makes you realize that you are more of a company-dependent person that you thought. At least, that was my case when I moved to Germany almost two years ago. When the moment came of facing myself alone, I felt terrified, and had no idea on how to function as a self. I got forced to find ways to make my life interesting for me, determine my daily purposes, and develop motivation for any type of activity. I didn’t really know travel and adventure until I went abroad.

Yes, I’m 25 years-old and dealing with that at this age may sound exaggerate. Of course, for many who have lived their whole lives in countries like Germany and the US, it is more common to be independent at an early age, having better access to travel and adventure, and being a more cultured person. But as a person coming from a small developing country that has had limited resources during their whole life and who has lived deeply in a bubble without having travelled at all, this was and still is a huge and incredibly exciting change.

I started feeling complete independence in Germany. Dealing with adversity, facing solitude, and having finally total control of my life has helped me to clearly determine my life goals. Since then, I brought creativity into my life.

Minful traveling: creativity during travel.

Mindful travel is food for the mind and soul. It is your ultimate source of inspiration, but only if you do it right. Great artists have chosen travel as a stimulus for creating great artwork. Proof of that are famous writers like Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, and Elizabeth Gilbert, whose time abroad had an influence during the creating of their work.

On a previous post I get deeper on how to have a mindful and immersive travel and why it is the best kind of travel. All the cultures, the people, the sights, the sounds, the smells and the flavors become an intense experience that stimulates our minds. Traveling alters all our conceptual maps about reality, brings us into the present, develops our perceptions about life, and takes us to a place where inspiration and ideas are born. Click here to read more about that!

Funny, how a simple job interview makes you go deep into yourself and revelate how you really feel about life.

So going back to that starting question, why? Because it wouldn’t be life otherwise.

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