More than 8 Million people call Honduras their beloved home.  Despite suffering from extreme poverty, corruption, and violence and having a percent of its people emigrating to different countries for different reasons, still all of us consider Honduras the best country in the world.

We may leave our country to have new adventures, find more opportunities, and seek our dreams, but we sure know there is definitely no place as good to our hearts like home. Honduras is a wonderful country with a constant beautiful weather, the most big-hearted people, a colorful culture, and much more. So missing that and much more is not hard to imagine.

Whatever you hear in the media, don’t believe it represents the entire picture. Like in any other country, there are problems. If you ask any Honduran about this super dangerous and deadly country, they will only tell you wonders about it. Honduras can get into your heart in many ways and that is guaranteed. From the people to the beautiful landscapes, here is the list of things taht I miss the most about home:


If you ask any Honduran what is what they miss the most (besides family and friends) food is the first thing that comes into everyone’s mind. One thing you need to know about Catrachos is that the way to a Honduran’s heart is through their stomach. The food is simply so diverse and tasteful that it’s hard to pick just one as the best. Honduran cuisine is based on a combination between local indigenous (another integration of cultures already here), European and African gastronomical influences.


We’d get crazy craves and dream of the traditional baleadas (if you ask me, I’d order a baleada con todo), pupusas, and the carne asada tipical dish (just the best type of grilled meat in the world) to the caribbean rice and beans, sopa marinera from both north and south coast, the magnificent sopa de mondongo (tripe soup), and so much more. And let’s not talk about Christmas time, that’s when we get especially homesick when we can’t have some magical tamales, rosquillas en miel (picture below) and/or torrejas.

Rosquillas en miel. – IMAGE SOURCE: HONDURAS TIPS

But if I don’t stop now this post will only be about food, so I’ll close with saying, you take any Honduran to heaven if you give them anything mentioned above.

Humility of the people

The warmth, amiability, and openness of the people in Honduras is something I have not yet found anywhere else. I’ve grown up being surrounded by people full of energy and smiles. Hondurans, especially the most humble ones, have a talent to make you smile or even laugh from a small talk.

I miss things like going for a frozen coffee and a bean sandwich to Espresso Americano (Honduran coffee brand – just so much better than Starbucks) and talking with the vendor about how the day is going or having a random conversation with the gas station guy while the car is being filled up.

Sunday-Funday trips

Deciding sponteaneously to spend a Sunday outside of the city, whether its for a hike or day trip to some town or city, is something we love to do. Even if we’ve gone to these places countless times, it never gets old, plus the food is always magnificent (sorry, I just can’t stop talking about food).

City views

This is for all the capitalinos. Living on a city made of and sorrounded by mountains can give you the most breathtaking views, especially during sunsets.

Tegucigalpa at sunset. – IMAGE SOURCE (Elias Hayek)

Countless beaches a few hours away

Have a long weekend? A few days of vacations? The north coast was always an option with that constant perfect weather.


There is no coffee in the world like the one from home, and there is no better companion than a delicious semita waiting to be dipped in coffee.


I miss listening people singing out lout rancheras at 2 am at parties. I miss the energizing mood inspired by the beats of a joyful song. I miss grabbing the nearest dance partner to salsa, merengue, and bachata at any type of occasion and I miss good memories behind each song.

Who doesn’t miss hearing Suavemente in Christmas?

What do you miss about your country or home region? And how do you deal with it? I would love read about it! 🙂

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