– asked my interviewer, as he sat and opened our conversation. “Why work here? Why this career? Why this country?” is what he meant after a while. I didn’t, of course, expect such an opening, but I automatically realized that I need to ask myself first another question.

“Why this life?”

Suddenly, I knew the perfect answer: not the one I prepared for the interview.

Creativity plays a very important role in our daily lives. It’s nowadays not only an attribute highly demanded by companies in all industries but also needed by entrepreneurs to succeed in the competitive world of innovation.

However, the need for creativity goes beyond professional lives. Instead of only using this concept as an attribute, many integrate it into the core of their living purposes.

Leading a creative life is living with passion and curiosity.

Leading a creative life is about constantly making ourselves try something new and different. Trying to have such a lifestyle is not necessarily an extra effort that extraordinary people want to do, it is instead just trying to cease our lives by doing what we enjoy because we simply can. So why not do something spectacular with our time?

It is about taking an opportunity to do something new and different, something that we are unfamiliar with (NOT dangerous though, just in case) when it appears, something that is definitely fun if we decide to go for it.

I have grown tired of having a lame life where nothing exciting happens, where what I do doesn’t serve a purpose, and where there is nothing interesting to tell. So after leaving home for good and seeing that I was able to cross the world by myself, I learned that if I can do that I can do much more. I found myself living creatively and haven’t taken a step backward ever since.

Leading a creative life is a chance for self-reinvention.

What I needed, and what I know many do, look and wish for, is self-reinvention.

Creative living is healthy for the mind and soul, it improves our confidence, it shows us the many ways to cease our lives, it makes us appreciate our senses and proves that curiosity is a gift that brings us advantages. Creatives are willing to constantly push themselves out of their boring comfort zones in order to stimulate their perceptions and enrich their imagination.

That sounds fun. Being thirsty for ideas, discovery, and creation is indeed fun.

I am not saying that leaving home, traveling around the world, and moving to another country is the solution for improving our lives, leading a creative life, and achieving happiness; I am just saying that traveling and moving abroad was the push I needed to realize that if I am creative I can achieve whatever I want.

You can do whatever you want wherever you want. It’s really nothing new.

But one thing is true: travel is one of creativity’s best friends.

One of the things I’ve learned through traveling and living in a foreign country is that creativity likes having fun with them. Travel is your ultimate source of inspiration. Even great artists have chosen to travel to find inspiration for creating artwork. Famous writers like Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, and Elizabeth Gilbert have benefited from travel and drawn inspiration for their work during their time abroad.

That’s what’s so amazing: all the cultures, the people, the sights, the sounds, the smells and the flavors become an intense experience that stimulates our minds. Traveling alters all our conceptual maps about reality, brings us into the present, develops our perceptions about life, and takes us to a place where inspiration and ideas are born.

So again, why this life?

Because it would be boring otherwise.

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